Ban Boredom: Summer Incitement Camp for Gifted Kids

Summer Incitement is Rainard’s summer camp for gifted students. During two sessions each summer, our campers explore fun and educational topics in week-long mini-classes.

Each summer we look forward to opening our campus to all gifted students from any school or homeschool in Houston, or who are visiting a parent, family or friends in the area. We offer classes for all ages, from Pre-K through 12th grade. Best of all, Rainard teachers lead most classes giving campers a taste of the Rainard experience.

Summer Incitement classes center around hands-on and experiential learning in a collaborative, multi-age environment. Comparable to the approach of our school, we use critical thinking and problem solving to encourage the complex and higher-level thinking on which gifted students thrive. Plus, it’s summertime so you can count on students having fun.

This year campers can feed hungry fungi, learn to knit, build their first robot, dig into game theory, or try one of the other classes offered. Our goal is always to fire up kids’ brains and incite their joy in learning!

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