Our Teachers Recap The Elementary Hill Country Overnight

We received this fabulous report from our Elementary teachers after their overnight field trip to the Texas Hill Country this Spring. Enjoy!

What a wonderful trip we had to Geronimo Creek Retreat in Sequin, TX.; what an apropos way to encapsulate our Native American unit, albeit with luxury, in the Singing Cloud and Laughing Waters treehouses. After our bonfire-making lesson from Mr. Webb, we cooked and ate next to a campfire, and communed under the stars. While we didn’t utilize the marsh mallow plant (Althea officinalis), such as the Native Americans, we experimented with jumbo, regular-sized, and vegan marshmallows to ascertain which tasted best, and which stayed on the roasting skewers. It appears that all marshmallows are yummy, and they are equally wily; several escaped into the campfire pit! We stalked fireflies; and battled the elements: bugs, sun, heat; and dirty hands—REALLY dirty hands. The camp/playground included bean bag battles, whooping it up, and lounging in hammocks, (sadly, Mrs. W. and Ms. C. didn’t experience these.)

Elementary excelled themselves with the goal of this learning trip: to practice independence, personal responsibility, and to continue to move out of our comfort zone. We tried a plethora of new things, shared our knowledge and space, and did our best! We practiced healthy eating (except for Ms. Cane—too many Ruffles), practiced Mrs. Webb’s comprehensive science lessons on the sources and cycles of water, and hiked way into the innards of the caverns. The guide said it was approximately a mile and a half both ways. Unfortunately, the distance wasn’t mentioned until after Ms. Cane’s foot blew up like a blowfish. It was worth it! The lacy cascades of stalactites and stalagmites were wondrous—and we already knew which was which! The Water Learning Center was very impressed with our knowledge of the Edward’s Aquifer and the far-reaching Ogallala Aquifer. Guess which tribe lends its name?

Throughout our journey, we received considerable compliments regarding manners, behavior, and knowledge beyond our tender years, particularly in the caverns and the glass bottom boat learning center! Our parents should be very proud of the lessons they’ve instilled in their children. Even outside of their presence, with no reminders, it’s apparent what remarkable, thoughtful, lovely people they are rearing. We are so proud of everyone.

We also:

  • Wrote about our field trip in our journals.
  • Received The Yeti Files book to keep, which we read during our trip. Luckily, we didn’t spot any!
  • Wrote and shared our poems for Poem in My Pocket day. Some were particularly poignant, about things we love.
  • Read road and traffics signs, ascertained directions with the sun and maps.
  • Made connections and quizzed each other with historical markers and posters at Rest Stops and Caverns Learning Center.
  • Mostly, we had fun!

Sincerely, Ms. Cane & Mrs. Webb