Is Homework Really Effective? We Don’t Think So.

rainard homework effective

The debate surrounding homework’s effectiveness is not new. For decades, educators, parents, and researchers have discussed whether assigning homework truly benefits students. Those in favor of it argue it instills discipline, reinforces classroom learning and prepares students for the workplace. Critics of homework maintain that homework can be counterproductive, has little to no correlation to…

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What Is Asynchronous Development?

What Is Asynchronous Development? The Rainard School Houston

What Is Asynchronous Development? There are many aspects to being gifted and one of such is asynchronous development. Asynchronous development is when your child exhibits advanced development in some areas but not others. This is common in gifted children as they may have a higher level of knowledge in certain areas, such as math or…

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Relaxation Techniques for Gifted Children

Kids Yoga outside

Everyone experiences stress as a part of their lives, and some may be more predisposed to experiencing stress. It is imperative, however, to recognize that children experience stress just as adults do. Gifted children, in particular, may experience stress for various reasons, which can seriously impact their academic, social and emotional well-being. In this article,…

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Why Is My Gifted Student Demotivated By School?

Gifted Student Demotivated By School

Parents and teachers alike commonly report confusion or disappointment regarding children who perform drastically below their potential. Sometimes, a gifted child may show dwindling enthusiasm for school as they progress through each grade. This may eventually reflect in their performance at school and lead to a cascade of problems with their motivation, behavior and self-esteem.…

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What is the Difference Between Public Schools and Gifted Private Schools?

difference between public and private

Choosing the right school for your gifted child can be an overwhelming task. With so many options, parents often wonder which program will be the best fit, not only for their child’s academic needs but also their social and emotional ones. Let’s explore the key differences between public schools and private schools for gifted children.…

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The Challenge of Meeting the Unique Needs of Gifted Children

Meeting the Unique Needs of Gifted Children

The term “gifted” gets thrown around a lot, especially in mom circles. Many parents believe their child is gifted, but is there actually an objective measurement of “giftedness” versus being intelligent or high performing? While a definitive test to identify a gifted child doesn’t exist, experts agree that gifted children most often display certain traits…

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Why Does My Gifted Child Hate School?

Why Does My Gifted Child Hate School

School is back in session after a summer of excitement and down-time. The alarm clock is sounding earlier these days! The struggle is REAL!!! It is entirely possible that many students were moving a little slowly getting to school in time for the bell the first week back. There was probably a bit of groggy…

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