Is Homework Really Effective? We Don’t Think So.

rainard homework effective

The debate surrounding homework’s effectiveness is not new. For decades, educators, parents, and researchers have discussed whether assigning homework truly benefits students. Those in favor of it argue it instills discipline, reinforces classroom learning and prepares students for the workplace. Critics of homework maintain that homework can be counterproductive, has little to no correlation to…

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What Is Asynchronous Development?

What Is Asynchronous Development? The Rainard School Houston

What Is Asynchronous Development? There are many aspects to being gifted and one of such is asynchronous development. Asynchronous development is when your child exhibits advanced development in some areas but not others. This is common in gifted children as they may have a higher level of knowledge in certain areas, such as math or…

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Natural Consequences Are Best For Gifted Children, But Why?

Natural Consequences Are Best For Gifted Children, But Why? Rainard School

As a parent, it is your responsibility to provide and teach your children practical skills to deal with life situations in the future. It becomes increasingly important when your child is gifted. Usually, most parents think that it is ideal to incorporate discipline through the punishment and reward model; however, if you ask us, the…

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Relaxation Techniques for Gifted Children

Kids Yoga outside

Everyone experiences stress as a part of their lives, and some may be more predisposed to experiencing stress. It is imperative, however, to recognize that children experience stress just as adults do. Gifted children, in particular, may experience stress for various reasons, which can seriously impact their academic, social and emotional well-being. In this article,…

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Ways to Keep Gifted Students Motivated: Tips from Experienced Teachers

ways to Keep GT Students Motivated

As a teacher, it’s important to know how to keep all of your students motivated in the classroom. This is especially true for gifted students, who can easily become bored if they are not constantly challenged. Here we will discuss some tips that experienced teachers use to keep their gifted students engaged and motivated. Hopefully,…

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Helping Your Gifted Genius Overcome Anxiety, Shame & Overthinking

Helping Your Gifted Genus Overcome Anxiety, Shame & Overthinking Edit

Gifted children often face unique challenges that other children do not. They may be more prone to overthinking, anxiety, and shame. This can make it difficult for them to thrive in school and social settings. If you are the parent of a gifted child, it is important to help them overcome these challenges. Read on…

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Discipline and The Gifted Child: Which Parenting Style Is Best?

Discipline and The Gifted Child

Most of us are familiar with the parenting styles employed by prior generations of parents: strictly-defined rules that kept children under their control and punishments for stepping out of line, resulting in a child deprived of the opportunity to cultivate their decision-making skills. But is this a reasonable way to raise a child? Today, we…

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The Challenge of Parenting a Gifted Child: How to Help Them Thrive

Parenting a Gifted Child

Raising a gifted child can be difficult. They often have unique needs that must be met in order for them to thrive. Here today, we will discuss some of the challenges of parenting a gifted child and how you can help them succeed. Gifted children are often misunderstood and may feel like they don’t fit…

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The Challenge of Meeting the Unique Needs of Gifted Children

Meeting the Unique Needs of Gifted Children

The term “gifted” gets thrown around a lot, especially in mom circles. Many parents believe their child is gifted, but is there actually an objective measurement of “giftedness” versus being intelligent or high performing? While a definitive test to identify a gifted child doesn’t exist, experts agree that gifted children most often display certain traits…

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