Do I Have A Gifted Child?

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Gifted children, also known as gifted and talented students or GT students, typically possess exceptional abilities and potential in one or more areas.

To determine if you have a gifted child, and if Rainard is an option for them, we require an IQ test, academic records and other documents.

Even before IQ testing, there are characteristics of GT students which parents and current teachers can pick up on long before any formal testing is done. While many gifted children display these traits, not all GT children display every item on the list.

Gifted Child Traits

Intellectual Traits of A Gifted Child

  • Acquires and retains information quickly
  • Inquisitive attitude and intellectual curiosity
  • Thinks critically and asks probing questions
  • Unusual capacity for memory
  • Creative and inventive; likes new ways of doing things
  • Enjoys problem-solving and intellectual activity
  • Asks probing questions
  • Enjoys structure and organization or struggles with organization

Emotional Traits of Gifted & Talented Students

  • Highly empathetic
  • Tendency to develop intense interests
  • Discrepancy between personal/social skills and intellectual skills
  • Diverse interests and abilities; versatility
  • Perfectionist tendencies
  • Strong sense of humor

Academic Traits of Gifted Children

  • Easily bored in a standard learning environment
  • Self-taught
  • Learns quickly
  • Creative problem-solver

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